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This week, we'll be leaving Krakatoa and her hobbies alone for a while to check up on what's going on in the Wodeskog. Sash the Squirrel Wrangler has been Sharing a Universe with elven princess turned domestic servant, Lynette, the ferret Menjou and the hamster Skipper. Oh, and some very aggressive squirrels. Here's a quick overview of what's been happening.

If you want the full story of how Lynette, Menjou, Skipper and the squirrels ended up in the Wodeskog, start reading with Sharing a Universe for April 3, 2007. The events in this chapter are part of the Squirrel Wars, which are in turn part of the Crossover Wars.

Original art and dialogue by Stephen Southworth. Remix, post-production and some colour by me from Stephen's original master files, which he kindly sent me. You figure it out. Lynette and Skipper © Stephen Southworth. Menjou © Starline X. Hodge.

Meanwhile, or possibly previously, in another universe... The URL of this comic is


Aaah! Wow, that's a lot of screaming.
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