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Colours by Mravac Kid. Partial backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield.

Meanwhile, interesting things are going on in Sharing A Universe.

How to break a monster, part two The URL of this comic is


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
Posted by Hogan
I love the cartoonish pics where Kra explains her plan. Especially the sadistic grins she imagines for everyone. She imagines everyone shares her mindset!
Posted by Gez
Incapacitate? What's wrong with decapitate?
Posted by Branko Collin
It's too difficult and slow. Better to catch one alive and figure out a more efficient way to kill it.
Posted by Reinder
Notice how Atra still looks like "old" Atra in Krakatoa's mind? Nice touch!
Posted by Alpha Wolfman
It worked didn't it?
Posted by Zixinus