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The story continues in today's Life and Death.

Valkini! The URL of this comic is


It fits like a glove, a tight-fitting one! :)
... and isn't that the devil from Sinfest in the first panel?
Posted by
... and hurray for the Grim Reaper from The Grim Dotcom!
Posted by Michiel P
I wonder if we get to see the devil from Scary Go Round in this place? And I think Krakkagar would feel comfy there, too.
Posted by Michiel P
Well, we've got a few more pages set in the bar, and next week's work won't be quite the desperate scramble to update in time that the last two weeks were. So why not?
Posted by Reinder
Yay! Btw, I think this sequence in hell is the funniest in a long time, or maybe at least since the beginning of the cross-over.
Posted by Michiel P
I'm confused. And how the hell can you call that armour?
Posted by Zixinus
Zixinus: Good question, but that's what it was referred to as in the Life and Death comic as well as the internal script discussion for the crossover. So I'm just going with that, though I prefer to call it a Val-kini.

Michiel: Thanks! I've been enjoying it a lot myself. I think there's more opportunity for humour here because the plot points have been a bit thin on the ground. There's a lesson there. Also, Joff is a good collaborator who puts in some funny ideas in his own comic, so I gotta add humour just to keep up with him.
Posted by Reinder
I think its an armor based on the Manga-rules... the less armor, the better protection!
Posted by Hogan
not the first time we've seen this sort of armour in the world of Clwyd-Rhan -- this looks like a chain-mail version of the Gnomian battle armour first seen (that i recall) in Courtly Manners I.
Posted by spinclad
oh! and the backbreaking chain-mail bra-slash-wallet of a while ago. and is Death contemplating some sort of one-size-fits-all spell that it bears?
Posted by spinclad