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Meet Steve from Life and Death! The story continues in today's Life and Death comic.

As for what the Rogue Nightmare is blithering on about, if you don't know already, read this Fleen post. There are many other sources for this; the post at Fleen is picked over others because it's brief and clear. There are some followups that shed some light on the sort of character we're dealing with here.

Meet Steve. He's a Reaper. The URL of this comic is


Jake's headache from listening to the demon's endless story seems a reference to Windig & Jong's "Heinz".
Posted by Michiel P
Yeah.. back in the day those two artists did some fantastic "Die now, or kill me" moments. I don't think Heinz is as good as it used to be, but I'm still fond of it.
Posted by Reinder
the link to this day's Life and Death comic is most thoroughly broken.
Posted by Finn MacCool
And maybe in a year or two, I'll have time to track it down.
Posted by Reinder
Posted by SR
Fixed, thanks!
Posted by Reinder