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Before reading today's comic, read today's CameoComic.

Today's comic has Jake visiting the world of Dangerous and Fluffy and was actually scripted and drawn by the original Dangerous and Fluffy team, Adam Cuerden and Jeroen Jager. Jeroen also does the surrealist science-fiction comic Capn. Both are long-time friends and contributors to my weblog, Waffle. Thanks to both of them for helping me out at short notice!
The D&Fcharacters, incidentally, are Peter Magnus, descendent of Ezekiel Magnus who is referenced in today's CameoComic episode, and his assistant Iggy.

Dangerous, fluffy and bad to know! The URL of this comic is


Mindcontrol tea, I knew it! That's what they've been feeding me, the bastards!
Posted by Doc
No, that's only what they want you to think...
Posted by Lee
PS the Cameocomic link hasn't been working because the April 3 strip wasn't posted...
Posted by Lee
Posted by Reinder