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Before reading this comic, first read today's CameoComic, and let's hope it explains this "strange world of dancing" thing, because I haven't got the foggiest.

Then, read today's Cortland.

Backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield. Colours by DFG.

A strange world of dancing? The URL of this comic is


"World of Dancing" refers to the dancehall where Scale first met Cortland earlier... she didn't get to see much of the world except that, so that was her first and lasting expression :P
Posted by Hogan
Bad timing?
Posted by Zixinus
And what about the others back at Clwyd-Rhan? Especially the children.
Posted by Zixinus
Posted by danny
Yeah, he moved his entire site. I'll update the link.
Posted by Reinder
the cortland link is broken.
Posted by Finn MacCool
One to redraw myself then, if it's disappeared for a second time. It's probably easier that way.
Posted by Reinder