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Blue box? No, doesn't ring a bell. Why?

Colours by DFG

Enter Scale The URL of this comic is


WOW! It's weird seeing someone modern in this strip. This whole things has been pretty interesting so far :D
Posted by Fesworks
Another red-haired cutie in this comic :-P
Posted by TuuronTour
It's like redheads grow on trees, isn't it?
Posted by Reinder
"... Travel through time in a blue box" Funny, she doesn't look like Doctor Who!

Posted by Suzy Q
That got to be the most sweet innocent looking puppy-eyed Scale to date... can you do anything but love her? :)
Posted by Hogan
Suzy Q, Norla is referring to this:
Posted by Reinder
SuzyQ: Doctor Who doesn't look like Doctor Who!
Posted by Silverwolf
It was drawn.
Posted by Sam

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