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Colour by Mravac Kid. Backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield.

Flappaflappaflap! The URL of this comic is


That fish isn't of very good quality. I know a Gaul who sells flappaflappaflap-resistant fish, the best quality for fish fights everywhere! :)
Posted by Gez
Ok, the flying, scraming demons I understand, BUT JETFIGHTERS? WHY THE FREAKIN HELL ARE THERE JETFIGHTERS?
Posted by Zixinus
They're not jetfighters. They're wolfmen on hanggliders who have been fed on cheap dogfood.
Posted by Reinder
The cheap dog food would make them rockets rather than jets.
Posted by Lee
Err... Can we go back to the jetfighter version?
Posted by Gez
Those Poor Sheep think of the sheep! And as for the wolf men on gliders.. eeeew i liked the jetfighter version better :P
Posted by Mojo Rat
My mistake. Should have thought so.
Posted by Zixinus
I'm afraid to ask how the afterburner works...
Posted by Silverwolf