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Who is that mad scientist person? And who is the lady with the well-supported chest? Find the answers, or at least try to, in Evil Overlords United!

Backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield. Colour by Mravac Kid.

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Those two will get along like cat and dog, I can feel that... :P
Posted by Hogan
Like a house afire, yet
Posted by spinclad
Vicious little vixens, aren't they? Last panel looks like the skull is talking, though. That confused me for a moment.
Heh... to me that skull is so much part of the background, I hadn't noticed. I guess it should have been greyed out a bit in this one.
Posted by Reinder
Why is there a globe in the background? Wasn't the Earth flat back then?
Posted by Zixinus
I don't think our mad scientist friend lives in the middle ages.
Posted by Reinder
Be a strange sight for the countess though...
Posted by Guest