Rocket Bandits

Very strange indeed... The URL of this comic is


Again, it might have been more logical to have 8.5 crying "Y-yeees! Yeeees!" - except that that might have been confusing.

PS I appreciate that it's necessary to get as much as possible on the page, but the fact that the Comments no longer appear unless specifically clicked for might result in fewer visitors making or reading comments.
Posted by Lee
The point is, he runs away to avoid crying "Yes! Yes!" in the presence of the President. Ditto with Jane and Buttumsup.

As for the comments form, it wasn't like people were over-using that to begin with. Most of the new comments were made on archived pages anyway. So it wasn't worth the front page space it took up.
Posted by Reinder
Jane doesn't like geeks huh? And I reckon that the "First Lady's Majorly Major Wive's Society tea" thing cannot be more boring.
Posted by Zixinus

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