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Guest period no. 5

Some new guest work to finish off this long month-and-a-half. Kicking off are old hands Daniel Østvold and Geir Strøm. This is their fourth contribution; see their first, their second, and their third. The third one is listed as a Daniel solo contribution, but Daniel used Geir's dialogue from the second one. This time, the two are using Marvel-style scripting. Daniel set up the action and drew it, then gave it to Geir for him to write dialogue for it.

The comic is also a first in that it uses only characters that were originally created by the guest contributors, and doesn't refer to Clwyd-Rhan at all, making it more of a Chronicles of the Witch Queen comic than a ROCR one.

Geir has worked with me on many long and short projects including White House in Orbit and The Eye of the Underworld. He is also co-creator of the Chronicles of the Witch Queen series with Daniel, and has several other projects in the pipeline.

Daniel is a Norwegian painter and sculptor, songwriter and musician. Of all his artistic activities, his cartooning has been the least known to the public, and this is a shame because he is so good. His contributions to Chronicles of the Witch Queen include The Double, Christmas at Blocksberg and Alcydia.

Guest comic no. 1 by Daniel Østvold and Geir Strøm The URL of this comic is