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This story was made for a forthcoming collection of comics about Groningen by night, to come out in September, 2006. It features the two characters from Little Cottage in the Woods and is set in the present day. The locations shown and refered to are all real streets and bars in Groningen, the Netherlands. Not that you'll see much of them, as the story was made on a tight deadline and much of the action was set in a hole in the street. Then again, the hole in the street is a very common location in Groningen.

We could go to Oblomov's, or we could fall into a bloody great hole in the ground! The URL of this comic is


I don't know a place called Oblomov's in Groningen. Is this a real pub or did you replace a Dutch name which readers outside the Netherlands wouldn't be able to cope with? Also, I suspect there are at least twenty MORE bicycles parked behind that second word balloon.
Posted by Michiel P
There used to be an Oblomov in the Poelestraat, but that was a long time ago. I did replace "De Brasserie" with "Oblomov's" because I didn't think the original name sounded enough like a pub's name to be recognised as such without supplying a lot of context.

When I made my preparatory sketches, there were only two bicycles parked in the part of the Peperstraat that I could see. Strange but true. You're absolutely right that that's the exception.
Posted by Reinder