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This takes place just after Todd Michaels' character has told the webcomics character what their quest is going to be. Essentially, they have to form two teams, each of which will be looking for the towel. The characters are Carson from Carson Raycraft's It Hurts To Be That Stupid, Dylan from Dylan, Steve Nolan from The Nolans (I think), Ribcage from Grimstone, Satan from The Pantheon, Diane from Furfire, another character whose name I cannot recall, Kel from Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, the female lead from the defunct webcomic Not Gonna Take It, and yet another character whose name I can't remember. Please comment if you can identify any character whose name isn't listed yet! Or if you have links to characters whose webcomics arent' yet linked.

Keenquest page one. The URL of this comic is