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Logo for Even in ArcadiaFasten your seatbelts! It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan has traditionally had an unlucky hand at picking crossovers to take part in. The Framed!!! Great Escape was lost for years, as were several of the comics that took part in its side-quests. Glych of No Stereotypes and I have brought back our own contributions now, so you can now sort of follow that side-quest by starting at, say, the comic for August 23, 2001, but piecing together the glorious artifice that resulted from Damonk's onslaught on all fourth walls, everywhere — that's going to be difficult.

Another such project was Todd Michaels' Keenquest, in which characters from a range of webcomics, hosted on what was then Keenspace and is now Comicgenesis, were brought together and sent on a quest for the towel of the late Douglas Adams. I contributed Kel and wrote and drew two full pages of material. Those will be shown in the next two updates, even though they don't form a single sequence.

Keenquest, unfortunately, fizzled out and disappeared. I have some of the comics that other artists contributed on my hard drive, and I even have permission to reproduce some of those comics (from the last time I made noises about resurrecting the crossover). However, I no longer remember who did and didn't give me permission, and in any case, my collection of Keenquest episodes isn't complete. So these two episodes, with my notes, will be all you get of that.

A year or so after Keenquest, I made a crossover with The Pantheon, with that comic's creator, the artist then known as Timmerryn and now known as Rahball. That series continued from the events in Keenquest, right from the point where Kel, in Douglas Adams' house, spots a mysterious girl running off with the Towel. Unfortunately, a tussle between Kel and Satan from The Pantheon triggers the magic of the Towel, causing Kel and Satan to be transported to each other's universes. Timm and I had a lot of fun making this series, which was originally published on the The Pantheon website. It can still be found there, but Timm has graciously agreed to let me reprint it here. The Pantheon, as a webcomic, is no longer a going concern, so it's about time Even in Arcadia gets a new home. We hope you'll enjoy it.

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