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Whoa! The URL of this comic is


...Ye gods, Reinder, where have you been hiding this. It's really good.
Posted by Adam Cuerden
...Though, as you seem to disagree, I suppose it could get worse. And, weel, the first page was weaker than this one, so...

Posted by Adam Cuerden
I suppose this bit is OK, really. There are some chuckles in the story as a whole; I just don't think it hangs together all that well, and I can't get over the wobbly art. But you know me, I'm rarely satisfied with my own work.
Posted by Reinder
"I'll have their heads bashed in and their hearts cut out and their liver removed and their bowels unplugged and their nostrils raked and their..."
Posted by Silverwolf
... and their toe-nails trimmed.
Posted by Stig Hemmer