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The Death Warrant Cover The URL of this comic is


Oops! The comic for March 9 was shown on this page for about half an hour. There's always something with these new series launches... corrected now though.
Posted by Reinder
Party time!
Posted by Doc
That's always my response to the original Bosch paintings this was based on.
Posted by Reinder
Posted by Lee
Like I said, there's always something with those new series launches. I don't know why the site is responding so slowly or even whether it affects other people at all. I hope it's not the harbinger of another outage...
It didn't seem all that slow to me
I think it was a local problem, although it seemed to affect sites hosted on Xepher more than others. But then I got a bit paranoid after that hack attack on Xepher a few weeks ago.
Posted by Reinder
So, er, is the person hanging in the centre of picture supposed to look like something else? Or am I just twisted?
Posted by hikari
A thing's a phallic symbol if it's longer than it's wide, as the Id goes marching home...
Posted by Reinder
Yes. The fact that the arms are even forming roughly the right shape for the end doesn't hurt either :)
Posted by hikari
OK... this really does indicate that people are reading the shape in widely differing ways. Arms?
Posted by Reinder
I saw the figure as wrists-tied-together-behind-back and hung-from-them-doubled-over, as perhaps did hikari. Puts great strain on the shoulders, like the figure manacled to the post but with the whole body's weight. What, are you saying it's just an uprooted phallus hung by its glans, with its sekret internal feet showing? Yeah, that could work...
Posted by spinclad
I'm saying he's hung by the neck.
Posted by Reinder

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