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Onions, brie, menthol... The URL of this comic is


Oregano was mentioned on the 22nd. Do pay attention will ya!
Posted by Reinder
Incidentally, as well as a type of parka, the word "anorak" can also refer to a type of nerdish, obsessive fan, as in the phrase "Lee is a ROCR anorak".
Posted by Lee
"Hem of Anorak" is a specific, and recent, quote based on exactly that meaning.
Posted by Reinder
Oh, yeah... found it. Heh.
Posted by Lee
Once you've added raw leek to a boiling pot does it cease to be raw leek?
Posted by Barry Tabrah
And to think the alchemists waste their time on turning lead into gold when they could be settling questions like that!
Posted by Reinder
wait they had Jagermeister back then?
Posted by Rosenrot (Alix)
Why focus on the Jägermeister? Most of these ingredients are anachronisms, especially when you take location into account.
Posted by Reinder