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Tough scientific nuts are being cracked. The URL of this comic is


Didn't know what Ve-tsin was, so I Googled for it and found:

Ve-tsin is the Chinese version of MSG, monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer. Ajinomoto is the Japanese brand name for MSG, and Ac'cent is the primary U.S. brand name.
Posted by Lee
Yep! Thanks for catching that - saves me a lot of work.
Posted by Reinder
Got the comics, thanks hon
DFG's comment is about the print editions of The Eye of the Underworld ( ) and Pin Drop ( ) which she bought from me using change she found inside the couch. Very few left, get them while they're hot!

Thanks, DFG. Hope you like them.
Posted by Reinder
No, the European Change that my hubby brought home with him you silly.