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Aha, little smart guy.
Posted by Doc
Sneaky little sod.
Posted by hikari
great stuff reinder!!!
Posted by xmung
Thanks! And yes, he's very devious, is our Jake.
Tomorrow, we'll have Alchemists.
Posted by Reinder
Well, I'm not sure...I mean the belt could level the field so many seems to like bringing down evildoers.
Posted by Silverwolf
What would happen if it got stolen though?
Posted by Sam
I'm still not sure how the belt even worked. It was supposed to make the wearer invincible, but giant still had his head chopped off (even if he survived doing so). If there is a matter of being worthy, why did it ever work for the giant or that bandit?
Posted by Allan
@Allan: Didn't the Knight take off the belt before the contest? I think surviving a beheading was just his own, inborn magic.
Posted by M. Northstar