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Pants, draughts and magic The URL of this comic is


"Draught in the nether regions"? This *is* a Harry Potter-reference, isn't it? Nice page, by the way. Your colouring is very good. I think you achieved optimum readability today.
Posted by Michiel P
Actually, I think I got that from an old Achille Talon book.
Posted by Reinder
HP4, pg. 77: "I like a healthy breeze round my privates, thanks." (Words spoken by Archie, the wizard in the flowered nightdress.) Your words made me think of the above phrase, but I can see the difference. It was close enough, though.
Posted by Michiel P
"Nether regions" is a very British expression, really.
Posted by hikari
Reinder, just a note to say how great it is to see ROCR on the web again!!

Dumb question now - do you have a "tip the cartoonist" button any where????
Posted by Andy Robertson
I haven't exactly been away...
Usually, I have a tip jar on the front page, but at the start of this storyline, I took it out because I'd just completed a moderately succesful fund drive, and I wanted to make space for other things. It's time I put it back, but until then, you can still find it at the bottom of this page:
Posted by Reinder
Great, sent a few bucks, all I can afford nowadays. ROCR probably has been on the net but I only saw it thru Moderntales & didn't get the full access to stuff this site gives. Probably my mistake somewhere, anyhow keep 'em coming. :)
Posted by Andy Robertson
Hey, any amount is welcome (as long as there's still something left after Paypal takes its cut). Thanks!
Posted by Reinder
Achille Talon = Archie, the wizard?
Draught in the nether regions = healthy breeze round my privates?
Depending on where you live, you may know Achille Talon as Olivier Blunder or Walter Melon. The animated series in which Walter Melon was the title character was very different from the French comic on which it was based, though. In the comic, the title character's schtick was that he talked. A lot. The "draught in the nether regions" quote came from the Dutch edition of the long storyline Zwarte Kunst in which the title character's dad was afflicted with a curse causing him to have fits of madness. A temporary cure for each fit was for the other characters to inject a drug into his bottom, so he spent quite a lot of time with his trousers down...
Posted by Reinder
The comic is very cerebral, whereas the animated series I don't remember enough of to make a statement. Also, the comic has some of the most outrageous "polar bear in a blizzard" type stories. Recently I started wondering if this is where Reinder got his Tips for Lazy Buggers from.

The "Magic! It makes my head hurt!" comment made me think of Brookers' Harry Potter parody, That Harry Potter Movie (
Posted by Branko Collin
Tips For Lazy Buggers! That's one series I haven't re-run yet!
*puts it on his list for this year*
Posted by Reinder