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Kel tries to turn the tide The URL of this comic is


Kel rocks. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Posted by Lee
If the website is a bit slow today it's because of all the people coming in from Something Positive. Welcome, Som*Pos'ers! I hope you like this humble comic of mine. Do look below this comments section for the blog, featured storylines and a list of my other projects (or just go through the archives from the beginning). And comment away! I like hearing from you.
Posted by Reinder
The comment above, of course, only applied when this comic was on the front page. Nothing to see below the comments section in the archived pages:)
Posted by Reinder
The first thing I thought when I saw this was - Where'd she get the rock? I mean, I know many trees, but very few of them have rocks in their branches.
Naturally, she came down between the previous page and this one to pick up a rock.
Posted by Reinder