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Some readers may require an explanation of the Ferrero Rocher gag.
Posted by Lee M
Uhm yeah.... It's more famous than I thought though.
The final panel refers to a Ferrero Rocher commercial from the 1980s and 1990s in which the round, individually wrapped chocolates were presented like that at parties thrown by "The ambassador". It was referenced in one of the Terry Pratchett novels as well, after I drew this one. Back in September 2005, when this comic was republished, I asked a few people (younger Americans predominantly) if the gag was confusing and they said no.
Posted by Reinder
I remember that commercial. It was amusingly stupid. Didn't it only run in Europe?
Posted by Solarn
I don't know. Is Ferrero Rocher sold at all in, say, the US?
Posted by Reinder
Don't know how long this question has been floating around here, but yes.
Ferrero Rocher is sold in the US.
Posted by Tolrick
Posted by Maggard
Yep! That's the one.
Posted by Reinder