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Zinngggg! The URL of this comic is


Image not loading. Please rectify.
Posted by Lee M
It's working for me.
Posted by Reinder
Not for me though: image not loading.
Posted by Peter
Strange. I just tested it again, and it loaded without any problem, if a bit slowly. I viewed source and image properties just to make sure and it is loading from the webserver. It's only 74 KB so even the slow load should not be happening. The file may be damaged somehow, but not in any way that I can tell.
Posted by Reinder
-Januray 31st 2006-
Not loading for me either using IE version 6
Posted by Jacomo
Curious. I will go back to my working files (which are all on a CD kept at my studio so it may be a while before I can get around to it) and re-export the final image. But as far as I can tell, both the file paths and the file itself are correct, and made with the same tools I used to create all other images uploaded in the past year or so, so what could be wrong, I would not know.
Posted by Reinder
OK... I just found that the exported PNG file on my hard drive was one byte longer than the one on the site. So I uploaded the longer file - it should be working now.
Posted by Reinder