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"de baas is ziedend"-grap i.c.m. een zeepzieder kwam al eens voor in de "Van nul tot nu"-strip. Opzet of toeval?

Groet, Arthur
Posted by TuuronTour
Honestly, I don't remember. I did read "Van Nul tot Nu" but I don't think I was intentionally lifting it from there. "Van Nul tot Nu" ran .... when exactly? Whenever it ran in Donald Duck magazine was when I read the series; we never collected the albums so I wouldn't have re-read it after the initial publication.
Posted by Reinder
Is it more appreciated when I write in English rather than Dutch? Anyway, I happen to have the albums! They were published in the period 1984-87. Of course it ran about one year earlier in "Donald Duck" before publication. I liked the series much because it combined my love for history and comics :).

FYI, I am a member of the YO! In the past you draw some cartoons for their magazine. So your name wasn't entirely unknown to me ;-)
Posted by TuuronTour
Tuur, there is a unfinished history of the Danish people by a Danish artist that you may enjoy. I picked up a few volumes of that during my vacations in Denmark. It's more exhaustive than Van Nul tot Nu, but takes a very different angle, mixing old-fashioned "Kings, Queens and Battles" type history with mythological threads running through history as it was perceived at the time, as well as endless backlinks to phenomena like the Great Migration. Fascinating stuff even if it's a bit crowded with words.

Yes, English is very much preferred, thanks. It's an international comic, after all!
Posted by Reinder