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Guest art no. 6 by Yonaka

Yonaka drew this realistic interpretation of P'séagg a while ago, but it hasn't been published before.

Yonaka is also a regular performer on the ROCR circuit. She first did a guest comic during the second guest week, and contributed a guest artwork for the third. She's good. In fact, she's good at a lot of things, as a glance at the works on display at Yonaka's Place shows.

Originally published on December 29, 2004.

Guest art no. 6 by Yonaka Yamako. The URL of this comic is


while this piece is indeed truly excellent, i must comment on how hard it was to get here. the previous, 20041227, has an odd page design, in particular lacking nav buttons...
Posted by spinclad
Thanks for pointing this out (and can I once again take some time to lament the fact that people don't email me about these issues? I used to have a contact address for this sort of thing right at the top of the page, but did people use it? Nooooooo.... so I took it off again after two years or so. At least there's the comment form now, but as you may have noticed, I recently took that off the front page as well, for the same reason as the contact info. So now mistakes like this go unreported and undetected for months, but that was pretty much the case anyway).
Posted by Reinder