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Guest art no. 5 by Timmerryn

Timmerryn's contribution is a drawing of the animal responsible for Professor Rásdondr's facial scars! It's a Sheepdoglioncabbage, a rare and not to be trusted hybrid.

Timmerryn is the creator of The Pantheon, and currently the artist of Dangerous and Fluffy, the Sheep of Doom.

Like with Jamie, Timmerryn and I go back a long way. Timm made a guest comic for my second guest comic fortnight, and another one in four parts for my third. We also collaborated on Even in Arcadia, a sequel to the Keenquest project that can very nearly be understood on its own. Just imagine a Person from Porlock came in and ate the beginning, or something.

Finally, Timmerryn recently did a third guest comic. That one was published, but fell smack dab in the middle of a storyline, and wasn't included in any guest event. That part of the archive will eventually be cleared out so this is where that comic gets its permanent home:

Timmerryn is one of few people who know that among gnomes, it has only recently become fashionable for the females to shave off their beards...

Originally published on December 27, 2004.

Guest art no. 5 by Timmerryn. The URL of this comic is