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Guest art no. 4 by Jamie Robertson

Jamie is, of course, the creator of Clan of the Cats, one of my favorite comics, on which I advertising throughout December of 2004. Jamie has created two spinoffs of Clan of the Cats: Mythos and Magick on Graphic Smash, and the Keenspot Premium comic Melpomene.

Jamie and I go back a long, long way in Webcomic terms. Jamie made me a guest comic for my first guest comic fortnight, and one for my second. I returned the favor twice during Jamie's own guest events, and also drew him a Gothic Chelsea one day for no good reason at all. And now here's another guest drawing by him in which Jamie shows off his outstanding coloring ability.

Originally published on December 24, 2004

Guest art no. 4 by Jamie Robertson. The URL of this comic is