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Oops, spelling: fourty should read forty. (No, I don't know why. Yes, I know there's a u in fourteen. I didn't write the dictionary.)
Posted by Lee M
Hmm, interesting. All this time I thought that the British spelling was "fourty", but it doesn't seem to be in the one dictionary I could find. Usage on the Internet seems to vary, with quite a few people believing that "fourty" is the correct British spelling.
Posted by Reinder
well may be it rained for forty days and fourty nights
All the dictionaries at my immediate disposal agree that the correct spelling is "forty". I'd rather write it "fourty" as well. It would be consistenter.
Posted by def0
The modern spelling is forty, but the middle English is in fact Fourty. Just assume its a period spelling.
Posted by Dan D
That is actually kind of weird. I never thought about that before. It's also four. four fourteen forty. huh.
Posted by Loki
(January 3, 2012) The image has been remastered and in the process, the spelling has been amended to forty.
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Posted by Reinder