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Ottar's new allegiance is inaurated with a plane, yet foodsome repast, and absent folks are fondly recalled.

"Can you cook?", asked Kel.
And so, later that evening, Ottar inaugurated his new position with a simple yet nourishing dinner for the entire company. A splendid time was had by all: Kel, Jodoque, Atra, Jake , Hildegard, Siobhean, Bintsha, Fay, Harold and Ottar - and even by Ragna, although as the beer wore on, she got more and more mindful of the one gang member who was still missing.

But then, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and if that was ever true for any specific person, then Tamlin was that man.

A plain, yet foodsome repast III The URL of this comic is


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