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Slowly, Ethelfried answered.
"I have no idea. I have no idea if any of that was true, or why he wanted me to know."

"Probably expected you to bounce right into his arms," said Hoodie Corby. "But at least we know that Leroukh was right. Tamlin and his gang are divided and preoccupied with their domestic affairs. That means that the red-headed witch is vulnerable."

"Look, " said Ethelfried. "I saw her on the day she gave birth, and talked to her husband. They both seemed to be perfectly nice people. Why do you have it in for her? She hasn't done you any harm..."

"She's a threat to us - like all witches. That fat old hag is bad enough - but she's old now, and I don't think she understood, you know... " A bit of the fire drained from his voice. There were some things you just didn't talk about. "...Beltane's Eve."

"But that redhead, she's got a brain. She notices things. We need her out of our lives."

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