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Gloom was also what filled the air in the home once the sordid tale was finished. The mood failed to be brightened by Kel's casual mention of her adventure with the crow people a few weeks before the birth.

Although Atra had helped Kel find the cure for the dread disease that affected her at the time, they had not yet had the opportunity to work out what exactly had happened.

Kel went through that long story too, while Atra sipped her ale thoughtfully.
"So then the ancestral gander appeared in the circle..." Kel was about to end the tale when she spotted a movement in the cabin's one small window.

The mood darkens... The URL of this comic is


The link behind "dread disease" is definitely NOT WORKSAFE and very probably not the page you intended.
Posted by Michiel P
No, it's not. I'll edit out the link. Feckin' domain hijackers.
Posted by Reinder