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Guest comic no. 15 by Timmerryn of The Pantheon.

Timmerryn has created the charming and witty The Pantheon. Lately, Timmeryn has been trading as Rahball and manufacturing plush toys.

Originally published on November 9, 2001.

Guest comic no. 15 by Timmerryn. The URL of this comic is


Heh. "The Goddess McCaffrey". That's a good one.
Posted by Lee
What with fresh computer trouble early this morning, I didn't properly check the comic. It's incomplete, actually. Looking into what's causing that right now...
Posted by Reinder
Well, one of the comics wasn't pulled from the database. Since the code that I entered was correct, I have to put this down as a bug in WillowCMS. I've hardcoded a link to the missing comic into the page now, but that means that when the problem is fixed, that page will show up twice. Apologies.
Posted by Reinder