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Guest strip no. 14 by Michael McKay-Fleming of Alice!

Go to Alice! now! I've got a guest strip there!

Michael is the creator of the excellent Alice! as well as some other strips for a more mature audience. I'll repeat what I wrote about Alice! in my spotlight back in the day:

July 30, 2001: Alice!

I've been working on a kids' comic, and as it turns out, Alice! is at the same time an inspiration ("if only I could make it as good as Alice!") and an albatross around my neck ("I can't use this! It's too much like Alice!"). The strip is about the adventures of an imaginative girl and her down to earth friends, and it's really well-written, which for this type of comic is really hard to do.

Originally published on November 8, 2001.

Guest comic no. 14 by Michael McKay-Fleming. The URL of this comic is