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- "Yeah. I don't understand it either."
- "Maybe after the birth we could ask for a salty bath and see what happens."
- "That reminds me! We must leave for Leppiainen's tomorrow!"
"Jodoque, I've been an idiot. I put my baby at risk just to get rid of my nightmares..."

- "Well, you're here, and our little girl is unharmed."
- "Boy. It's gonna be a boy."
- "Did the dragon tell you so?"
- "No, but... I just know, OK?"
- "We still haven't settled on a name"
- "How about 'Henry'?"
- "Hmmm... I'll need to sleep on it."
- "Hee hee... sweet dreams."

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This is a real warm and tender moment.
Posted by John Z
Kel and Jodoque love each other so much.
Posted by John Z.