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"It's showing now. You can see it. Can you see it?"
- " You look lovely, honest!"
- "I suppose ... but that's not what I ... I mean it's so weird, don't you think? I can't get used to it."
  "And now I've got to go to this other witch for the birth because Atra is too squeamish!
I mean, I know mrs. Leppiainen. She carries buckets of water around at the bath house! Humming songs to herself all the time!"
- "Bit eccentric, this woman?"
- "Yeah! They are really strange songs too. A lot of them are about singing songs!"
- "You understand Finnish?"
- "Of course! I'm one half elvish, remember?"
- "Hey, by the way, where's your necklace"
- "I'm leaving it off. It was giving me a rash and it could hurt the baby."
- "Shouldn't a witch be eccentric?"
- "I hope not. I've never been good at cackling."

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J. R. R. Tolkien based one of his elvish languages, Quenya, on the sound of Finnish.
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