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Guest strip no.8 with art by damonk of Naught Framed, who clearly, uh, dislikes showing graphic violence as much as I do.

Damonk is notdamonk, and that's all you can say without losing your sanity. His Framed puts a battering ram to the Fourth Wall, hacks it into tiny fragments, grinds it into dust and scatters it to the four winds. It then razes the stage to the ground and sets fire to the remains. It then proceeds to wipe all memory of the Fourth Wall from the minds of the people of the world, so that none may know that there ever was such a thing.

Originally published on March 26, 2001.

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Guest comic no. 8 by Frank 'Damonk' Cormier The URL of this comic is


Well, wasn't that blatant... not to mention unnecessary
Posted by kevin
Not to mention brain-scarring. But I suppose that was really the guest artist's point. Damonk has a take-no-prisoners approach to fan art and this is just one example.

You gotta feel a bit sorry for him, though. At the time, he wasn't allowed to draw nipples in his own comic, so he had to get it out of his system one way or another.
Posted by Reinder
Just seemed gratuitous. (sp?) I'm all for natural nakedness, which you present well, but some of the others don't get it...
Posted by kevin