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Guest strip no.7 with art by Daniel Østvold and writing by the aenigmatic Geir Strøm

Geir has worked with me on many long and short projects including White House in Orbit and The Eye of the Underworld. He is also co-creator of the Chronicles of the Witch Queen series with Daniel, and has several other projects in the pipeline.
Daniel is a Norwegian painter and sculptor. He has an exhibit going on in Oslo next month. Of all his artistic activities, his cartooning has been the least known to the public, and this is a shame because he is so good. Check out his work on The Double, Christmas at Blocksberg and Alcydia.

Originally published on March 25, 2001. Original blurb revised in 2006.

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Guest comic no. 7 by Geir Strøm and Daniel Østvold The URL of this comic is


Kel really has a big nose here.
Posted by Gez